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Message par Wanheda » 26 Déc 2022 19:24


I hope I'm putting this idea in the correct place. I also apologise if it's been suggested already, I looked here and on the French ideas board but I can't read French perfectly, so I might have missed it.

I love the glade, and I enjoy choosing a new creature every month, but I would really like it if there could be something that indicates 'you already have this creature' or 'you do not already have this creature'.

I've been playing the game for almost 10 years and I have lots of creatures, and I really can't remember all of the creatures I already have or don't have. It would be so, so helpful to have an indicator, perhaps a green checkmark or a red X, showing which ones I still need for my collection.

Thank you for reading, please tell me what you think!
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Message par Gothikadoll » 29 Déc 2022 16:47

Hi, there is a similar idea in the french forum, but don't worry, I separate the two in the list of ideas ;)

I think it would be practical for players who don't have all the creatures
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Message par LavenderInk » 08 Jan 2023 13:07

i support this, although i usually pick gothimorphosis pets, for which this wouldn't apply, i think, since they're unique.
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