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Messagepar VelumSanguine » 12 Nov 2020 07:20

I have 2 trades but I cannot do anything with either of them, neither accept or reject...nothing...
Does it resolve itself (like the bug yesterday where I couldn't log in at all) or can anyone help me, pls?


I'm confused... when i go directly to trade it says "automatically canceled" but when i go to it via messages, nothing can be seen, like usual ... i'm a little confused, would that be changed? (would also explain why I can't do anything)
Is that normal now or not? :?: and why its automatically canceled?
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Messagepar Ombre » 12 Nov 2020 10:51


When a trade is "automatically canceled", it means that at least one creature isn't available anymore (already traded, back to clans, etc.). It is really common if you asked for a creature that already was in trade before ;)
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