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Messagepar Atressa » 26 Jan 2020 02:02

Hi there all. I just started this game yesterday. Today I bought 32 food and after feeding out the 3 that game in my welcome gift, it is telling me that I have no food, and asking if I want to go buy some. Do I have to buy food for each pet individually, or is there some way to make it available from my inventory that I am not seeing? Thank you in advance for your time. :)

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Messagepar Elowen » 18 Juin 2020 01:32

there's two scenarios here, either one you didn't buy as much food as you thought you did (however unlikely) or
two (and I suspect most likely), sometimes if you move to the shops in a different tab (or even in the SAME tab) and buy something, it doesn't always acknowledge that it's been purchased. (It also happens with brushes and the potions from Malefix). I believe this is happening because when the page loads now, it loads the inventory first (even for the baby creatures that can't use the things). At which point it stays 'stuck' with that inventory total. Refreshing the page doesn't always help, as you may need to open a completely new window/tab for the creature and then carry on feeding.

The easiest way to check on the older firefox browsers (not sure on the newer ones since I haven't been without food for a while) is that the feeding icon turns pink when there's no food or the creature has been fed already and then make sure you reload the page after checking/buying more if needed. Best of luck with everything here too :)

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