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Messagepar Lady Aliar » 22 Mai 2013 00:26

Does anyone on here play aywas too? I am not trying to pull anyone away from Gothicats of course because it's a great game, but I would highly recommend Aywas if someone is looking for another fun pet site to play. Aywas has lots of awesome breeds of pets, a fun exploring system, and lots of games, activities, and events. There are lots of ways to get custom pets including editing line-art and also you can breed your pets. I love it so much! In case you are wondering, there is currently a race to 50k users on the site and lots of great prizes for all users when we make it so now is a great time to join. Please post or message me if you have any questions, or if you already play and want to spread the aywas love :)
Interested in joining Aywas? Here is a link you can use to join:
Make sure to message me once you are a member and I will help you get oriented on the site (I have been known to gift new users, too and I'll do my best to answer any questions you have)
Here is my profile page:
I will close with a few of my favorite aywas pets:
Image Image Image Image Image
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Messagepar Kashimaru » 19 Août 2015 10:15

You can put this information to be exchanged with new data, you know.

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