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Messagepar LeyaAnhaylla » 24 Avr 2017 18:59

..... I shall revive all of the music topics on GW!!! For it is now my quest!

Sadly only the second link worked, tho I really like this song! For some reason :lol:
I usually don't like hearing Chinese (sorryyy) but that was alright with this one. I think I could have fell for a guy capable of wearing a feather vest without any hang-ups :lol:

What an annoying song! 50 seconds was already too much :lol: Also Kevin Spacey? Like actor Kevin Spacey? :?:

Yeah I think it's not really a weird song though the topic is certainly unusual! It was quite interesting to listen to as I didn't know about this event.
A nice song all in all

Not a weird song at all but quite enjoyable to listen to. Especially as I'm a sucker for instrumental music but I guess that to find it sad you have to have watched the movie and... I didn't. Yeah I know.

Okay "De Futura" takes the cake! :lol: I still don't know if he's actually saying something something or not ahah And sorry but.. 10min of this was more than I could take ^^'
I didn't know Diablo Swing Orchestra, but then again I didn't know how much I needed Swing metal in my life until now! I'll be sure to check them out :D

I think by this point I'm so used to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that I barely find anything wring with it ahah Though it's true, for a first timer it's pretty weird!

This song is so amazingly funny! The woman's voice is so great for it! I love it :lol:

Weird? What are you talking about?? It's amazingness in its purest form! Good Lord! :o I think I'm in love with neon Pegasus! the clip is so beautiful too! Now my future plans involve cooking mini-pancakes while listening to the song on loop, also I'm never saying Hi the same way again 8-)

.....I feel like this song got created by people that did soooo manyy drugs x) Also this feels weirdly inappropriate and the clip doesn't help at all

That was actually pretty amazing :) I was kinda rooting for the guy the entire time, he has that dorky (crazy, insane, evil) thing going for him and all :lol: I mean even bad guys need love after all no?

And finally, here is my contribution:

It's quite short but so soo violent x) I'm a fan of Kero Kero Bonito and the first time I listened to the album, I had to stop in the middle of the street to make sure I heard everything right :lol: This is so far from anyone KKB has done ahah
(The lyrics to the song are in the 1st comment)
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