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Message par étoile mélée » 24 Sep 2013 18:46

Since I have so many random stuff going in my head, I am going to write them down XD

1. Sweets are alive.
The first time I saw it, it was an orange sweet, though the colour looked more peachy than orangy. And also, it looked horrible. The smell was wierd. But... Why wasn't it making noises? Was it dead? It squished it to see. It was all mushy and squishy, and I liked to squish it (yep 3 times the same word XD)
I decided it was time to try it. I bit it and screamed. It made noise! It WAS alive! I trew it in the bin and ran away.

2. Ghostbusting?
Yep, It's that time again. That time of the night your parents chase you off the computer and tell you to go to bed. But... Why aren't you in your room? The answer is easy: you are scared. Scared of the ghost of our old dog, that roams your room. You remember me telling someone about a weapon that scares ghosts that is in my room, so you decide to give it a try.
I see you now. You are opening the door to my room. Yep, that random white one in the middle of the corridor. That's it. Next to the bathroom. So, as you open that door, something rushes past you, tripping you. What was it? Was it the ghost of your doom? As you slowly get up, rubbing your head, you notice it. It isn't a ghost. But what is it? It's gray and white, two pointy ears, small... Oh, come on, don't you know how to reconize a cat?! Her eyes were glowing in the pale moonlight.
You decide to check the room. All is white, exept the mettalic gray bed... wait, what is that shining under the bed? As you get closer, you notice it is only a piece of 50 cents. It's on a press. Hey, what's in this press? You open it to see. Empty crisps packets. That's no treasure! Yet the vinigar smell is so strong that you can praticaly taste it. But... what's under them... is it the legendary weapon? Yes! It is! You take it and start to run, but you collide with my table. Don't worry. you haven't broken anything. You leave the room, with the only distant memory of it being the crinckling sound of paper.
souvent absente car c'est la rentrée, et j'ai plus vraiment accès à l'ordi ^^'
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