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Message par coolcutelily » 24 Mai 2013 21:15

Hey, this is a book I've been writing and hope to one day get published, but I want to share it with everyone first. Feel free to reply and keep up to date with the chapters through this forum. Your opinions will shape the book greatly and help me a ton! Warning, throughout some of the chapters there is language that is better suited for 13+

What would you do if within one summer day you and four of your friends went to your favorite hang-out place and suddenly it turned into a portal to another world?. Well that's exactly what happens to Link, Allison, Vannessa, Zavier, and Marcus.With each one having a talking familiar, and a new girl named A-may, they find out there's more to themselves than just a few teenagers in high school. When their partnering familiars reveal that they are the reincarnations of the six Sentakus who onced saved the mythical world from the Kages, and that everyone is counting on them to save it again, they aren't sure if they have the power to do so. With the help of new friends, and some nifty elemental magic, they must protect this new world from the Kages, Mejin, and maybe even themselves.​

If you are ready for an adventure read ahead.

Chapter 1: The Swamp
Link opened his ice blue eyes to the sunlight shining into his room. Stretching out his arms, he kicked his feet side ways of the bed. With a great night sleep and a new day available it looked like things were looking up, for once.

It had been planned that his friend, Allison, and him would walk around town. Across from his bed, on the wall, was a mirror and dresser. Link looked into it and rubbed at his eyes a bit. Which made him notice his hair was anything but untangled, “Oh well.”

With a shrug of his shoulders and a shake of his hair like one would do with wet hair, he walked over to his bed-stand. He gave a glare at the liquor bottle and tossed it in the trash. Quickly he picked up his cellphone and continued back over to his dresser. The dirty blond randomly grabbed out a brown camo t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans from the drawer before slamming it shut. Without a care in the world he sprinted down the stairs;jumping off the last few, he grinned to himself. It was the end of summer and that meant the last few minutes of adventure.

“Hey, where you going?”

Link looked behind him to see his younger sister, Lisa, “Going to hang out with my friend. Why you do care?”

Lisa flicked her long dirty blond hair with her hand, “Cause I asked.” The annoying sister-like teasing voice flowed from her pale lips

“Cause I can,” he mocked his sister as he went to grabbed something to eat. Which before anyone could say anything was grabbed and scarfed down his throat. Putting the bowl and spoon into the sink he ran out the door. Barely off his street he got a text from Allison:

Can u hurry up? Waiting @ pool


Allison sat outside the pool area and waited for one of her best friends. The grass was still a bit damn from the night left behind. It was a Monday and this meant it was the one day out of the week that the pool was closed. Also that meant the one day out of the week her and the gang weren't at the pool swimming. That which had made her decide to make plans with one of her best friends. “Sheesh, what’s taking him so long?”

The 4”9’ teenager blew her bright red bangs from her face and leaned her back against the wall. She wore one of her fave outfits, a black tank top with red skinny jeans and a black head band. The shirt had a collar to it that was red and just visible between was a black chain choker with a cyan crystal heart attached to it. All of a sudden as she listened to her iPod she had this urge to invite her other friends. Allison pulled out her cell and gave a text to her best friends Vanessa, Zavier, and Marcus.


Vanessa was combing her dark brunette hair when she got a text from her best friend, Allison:

Hey yall wondering if ya wanted 2 walk around town with Link and me?

She quickly set her hairbrush to the side and got on a pair of black skinny jeans and a navy, skin tight, long shirt. Then she landed backwards onto her bed and gave a text back to her friend:

Where u meeting @?

She lied on her bed for awhile and let thoughts of food wonder through her head. She had just gotten to soda types when the text message came in:

@ the pool, cu soon V

The brunette stood up on her bed and causally walked off. The floor gave a thump as she landed. Quickly she ran back to mirror area and grabbed a silver necklace with a rose pendant. “Mama, Allison wants me to go hang out with her. Can you drive me over?” Her mother agreed to do so, but grumbled the whole way there while Vanessa looked boredly out the window.

By the time she got there Link was laying down on the grass playing some Hollywood Undead music with Allison beside him. V ran to Allison and the two hugged each other, “Made it! Though my mother wasn't any help. Where we going?”

“No idea,” Link said with a smile before he went back to mouthing the lyrics to his song. Which by now was 'American Tragedy' by Hollywood Undead.

The red-head shrugged, “Mainly? Just walk around randomly. That's the normal thing anyways. I know we're going to the swamp later, but maybe that burnt out house. Really haven’t planned where-“

“As long as we’re doing something worth wild who cares?” The three friends turned to the direction of the voice. Two boys were coming down the cobblestone road.

“Hey Zaiver, Marcus!” Allison said with a wave.

The shorter boy of the two put his hands behind his head. “Sorry it took so long,” with a look towards Marcus, “but slowpoke here forgot his phone at home, again. We had to go back to get it, again.”

“I ran this time,” Marcus crossed his arms with an irritated grunt. Then he turned his eyes towards the group. “You know we could just walk around from one place to another. I say we start with the swamp. It's been awhile since we all went down there.”

Link turned off his music and sat up in the grass, “Sounds good to me.”

“To be honest,” Marcus put his left hand to his short brunette hair, “as long as I can get home to play my new video game, I’m game for anything.” The group all chuckled and began to walk up the road. They walked through the uncrowded streets laughing and joking about stuff that would happen when they got back to school next week. Link had begun to play more music and now him and Marcus were singing the lyrics in their loudest voices possible. A few cars that went by glared at the two, but they kept being roudy anyways. Allison was sharing with Vanessa about some new store at the mall. And Zavier seemed content just to walk with the group. Not to long later they got to a right turn in the road, and a forest on the left. Near the end of the forest there was what looked like a smashed down pathway. Allison ran through first followed by Vanessa. And what they never knew was fate was laughing at their innocence.



“Hey, I didn't come here to get a bath!”

Zavier laughed and then said apologetically, “Oops, sorry Vanessa. I didn’t mean to mess up your do. If you were sitting farther away you wouldn't have gotten any water on you!” V just sighed and looked at the ripples in the swamp.

“V, it’s just water you know,” the red head replied, trying to reason with her friend.

“I know but it ain’t just water. It’s just ew...”

A frog that had been sitting on log near the edge of the shore hopped onto a log just in between the group. It gave a loud croak and everyone turned their heads over to it. The frog croaked again and dived into the water. Hopping onto another log floating in the swamp it paused for a bit. Zavier threw another rock into the swamp, and the frog dived into center of the swamp. The ripples were larger than any normal splash would make. The ripples left what looked like a beam of light from the center. “What’s that?” Marcus’s hand was in mid-air ready to throw another stone.

“Froggy!” Link responded squinting his eyes and smiling broadly, but he quickly gave a shrug and realized no one thought it was funny.

“Link, I didn’t mean the Frog, look,” The long-haired blond rolled his eyes with a look of 'I realized that.' Marcus pointed right at the beam of light. As he did so a lightning shaped crack caused the water to crumbled like glass. Two shrill shrieks from the girls were came from behind him. “I didn't do it!”

The other four friends gawked at at the cracking water. It fell down on the swamp floor in pieces of glass. The fish from the swamp floated up in bubbles into the air around the friends. Many frogs croaked loudly into the forest around them. A ditch was left from where the beam of light used to be. The rocks that were thrown in by the boys were in a perfect circle around the ditch in the floor. Suddenly, the wind picked up and the sunlit sky turned to night. Small puddles poured out from bellow each stone and began to circle around them making small moats around each stone. Fire blazed into a pillar form from the top of each rock. The fire then bent to the right until the streams connected into a circle. Flowers and grass grew with abundant speed around the swamp ground. Lightning cracked to form the shape of a dragon in the now starlit sky. In the sky a crescent moon sat directly above the lake.

“What the hell,” Vannessa's voice rang through the night.

“I say, that was the coolest thing I've eve seen!” Link looked at the group and then back at the circle. Marcus and Zavier began to walk forward towards the circle of elements. Without much else of a thought Link followed the two into the circle. With that step a veil seemed to fall over him. From afar a blue mist formed around him, and as such a yellow and orange mist flowed between the other two boys.

The girls looked at each other with disbelief at the supernatural experience between them. Allison sighed at the typical curiosity of the boys. “We should probably join them before they do something stupid.”

The brunette nodded her head vigorously and walked forward clutching Allison's arm. ”This is really bad idea.”

“Probably... but we can't just leave them to do something stupid, at least alone. Can we?” The clutching girl shrugged her shoulders and Allison felt for her black chain necklace with the crystal heart..
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Message par coolcutelily » 05 Juin 2013 14:46

Chapter Two
Sentakus' Familiars
The fire circle twisted around to make a wall of fire. The group, now trapped within the elemental circle, were blinded by the light. The swamp ground fell from under them leaving them with only darkness. Slowly as they plummeted each of their figures disappeared from the other's view. The ground that had been above them closed such as a sliding door, and left them in the Shadows.

Zavier’s eyes began to adjust just enough to see the outline of Allison. He reached out to grab her left hand. The redhead tried to grab for her friend’s wrist and just barely missed by a hair length. Quickly the two disappeared from each other’s sight and slipped farther into the mysterious tragedy.

The boy felt his head bang against the ground and without another glance or thought his world turned black.


Allison awoke to the sight of a silent, clear lake. Crickets and frogs seemed to sing around her ears. Stars reflected beautifully on the stagnant water and the moon shined brightly above the trees. She slowly sat up and felt for her ankle, which pinged with pain as she moved. Her eyes adjusted just enough to see in the darkness. The roots of the tree behind her had got her ankle stuck in a root made hole. Clutching her ankle she leaned back on the ground and bit hard onto her lip in pain. With what strength she had she pulled herself back up. With what was left she pulled against her ankle to get it unstuck. She finally got it with tears forming in her eyes.

Twisting her head around she realized none of the others were to be found. Since the last person she had seen had been Zavier she began turning her head around to see if she could find the brunette boy. No luck came to her. With her arm strength she tried to push herself to her feet, but her ankle tilted and she bit harder onto he lip to hold in her scream of pain as she fell back to the forest floor. Unsuccessfully.


Zavier opened his eyes to the forest of shadows and star-filled sky. His head ached with pain, and he slowly felt the back of his head. There was a large lump, but no blood. At least not any wet blood. He couldn't exactly see the back of his head.

Without another thought he felt his neck for his brown rock; bead necklace luckily it hadn’t fallen off, but it ad been shaken loose. Tightening the choker necklace he began to look around. Not a soul was in sight. Rebounding to his feet, a bit too quickly, he started to check his surroundings. Through the silence a shrill scream pierced the air, “Allison!”

What he found was Allison curled in a ball against a large oak tree, “Are you okay?” His face full of worry he knelt beside her. She couldn’t speak through the pain, but she lightly nodded her head. Zavier helped her to sit up against the tree. Her skin was warm, but she was shivering terribly. Taking of his shirt he wrapped it around her. Leaving a dark green undershirt below.

“You stay here,” Allison gave him a look of duh. “I’ll go get something to prop your foot up.” Desperately he looked for a log or rock. Walking a good few feet to the left he found a short hollow log. It was small enough he could drag, but thick enough it would be able to prop up her foot. He began to lift it and felt the log twitch to the left and right. With a quiet gasp he dropped it.

“Hey, does no one these day bother to check for a little salamander like me in here?

Zavier jumped back dropping the log, “Whoa! Sorry little guy didn’t notice-“ A not so small salamander climbed out shaking its head. The teen froze in voice a place or a second before looking down at the hell-bender, “You just talked...”

The hell-bender squirmed it's tail, “What- I mean you can understand me? Oh master, oh master! I’ve found you, my great... great.. great... great... great.... great... great... great grandfather always said I would.”

“Okay then.. Sorry, dude, but you have the wrong person. Or creature... or yeah whatever you are. I’m going to continue with well, what I was doing.”

“Of course… you’re only the reincarnation of the Sentaku Ryuu,” The hell-bender’s eyes gleamed with pride, “The Great Dragon.”

Zavier rolled his eyes and began to pull the log one again, Shuffling paw steps rustled behind him. With a sigh he stopped and turned his head to the scampering creature trying to catch up with him, “Why are you following me?”

“I am your familiar master… guess for now just master. It is my duty to be by your side!”

“Zavier, just Zavier. Wait, why I am I telling you this?” He sighed and turned to the hell-bender “Just stay quiet and leave me alone.””

The familiar sighed with a roll of his silver eyes, “Yes Master Just Zavier. My mouth’s shut tight as a swallowing fungi” With a heave of relief Zavier continued to pull the log. When the two got to the tree where Allison sat they saw a lime light sparkling flying around her. It halted right around her ankle and began to tie a vine around the injured ankle.


Allison watched as the fairy moved around her foot, “We speak telepathically?”

“Yes my lady. All familiars speak to their Sentaku like this. Though to the two in the conversation it seems as if they are talking out loud. Oh, I sure do hope that makes sense. I have no mean of upsetting you.” The red-head nodded with what strength she could. The fairy took that as a sign that no harm had been done, and quickly continued with her lesson, “If a Sentaku gets to know another familiar well enough, or if the two Sentakus are connected enough by Soul Links then they can also talk telepathically to each other.”

“Well, that would come in handy” the red head said through her thoughts as Zavier pulled up the log.

“Um is that a pixie?” the boy questioned rudely.

“Fairy... but close.”

Zavier rolled his eyes, “Same thing, both small and have wings. And crazy ass tempers. Ankle holding up?” The girl nodded as the scampering hellbender rushed forward

Giving a leap of joy the hellbender wrapped his tail to hug the sparkling creature. “It’s Chihiro. Oh Great Meka I knew it! You are the Sentakus,” Zavier smirked at the creature and went back to checking on Allison's ankle.

Chihiro looked over a large flat vine she was wrapping around Allison’s foot, “Rex? Wait, the others haven't found you have they?”

“Well, at least three of the six are here-”

“Why does it have to be my stalker creature that talks?” The boy glared at the ground while he leaned against the tree and Allison. The fairy gave a chirping bell sound

“Master Just Zavier all familiars talk, but it’s telepathically. You just keep deciding to talk out to the open air.” Rex gave a satisfied look and continued. “Anyways... we should probably find where the others are.”

The blue-haired fairy shook her head, “If the other Sentakus have returned then our friends will have already met up with them, too. It is not our place to go search for our familiar friends.”

“What are the Sentakus?” Allison said out-loud while looking at Zavier. He gave her a confused looked at her talking out-loud. “We should both talk out loud makes it easier to understand what's going. I can't hear Rex, other than his little gurgling sounds.”

Zavier raised an eyebrow, “How did you know his name?” She gace a head nod towards Chihiro familiar, “Makes sense.”


Where am I? Vanessa opened her eyes to a star-filled sky, and a crescent moon. Slowly she lifted herself up from the grass underneath her that was tall and emerald green. White flowers seemed to glow around her. They looked like opened up roses with a golden lily middle piece. These flowers seemed to reach towards the moon. This was definitively no where within her small town in the countryside, or anywhere around it for that matter. “Who the hell brought me here?”

The teen stood up and began to dust off her jeans. Her ears caught a sound of something as she lifted her head to look around. On every side around her were tall trees, and behind one side there seemed to be the silhouette of a mountain range. This left her in a valley of flowers. She began to pull out her iPhone, when the black screen caught a floating fire behind her. With her own loud scream, and the creature-behind-her's shriek, she fell to the floor. Cracking the phone's screen under her. “Holy shit!”

“I am sincerely sorry miss, I did not mean to scare you! Oh why am I speaking you're just going to hear squawks....” At a closer examination the floating flame was actually a bird of fire. It's bright ruby red eyes shined with surprise and sorrow.

Vanessa starred up with wide eyes, “Floating fire bird, that talks... someone wake me the fuck up!” The bird tilted its head and continued to flap its wings in a graceful matter to hold itself in air.

“My dear, first I am not floating... I am flying. Second, Can you actually hear me?” The teen girl gave a slow, yet annoyed, nod, “Oh this is wonderful news! Of course you can otherwise you wouldn't have ask me a question,” the bird gave a chuckle that sounded more like broken bells. Not the most lovely sound to be heard. “The Sentakus must have returned.”

“What the hell!? You've got to be kidding me....” Vanessa stood up to find her damaged iPhone. She completely ignored the bird's words about Sentakus. Such nonsense had no meaning for her. The teen started to turn on the iPhone and cursed under her breath. “So much for calling them. No effing service.”

The bird flew to the ground as Vanessa continued to curse into the quiet air. In turn the flame shape turned into a bright reddish orange feathered bird. “What is this mysterious object?” The red bird pecked at the screen.

“Hey back off!” Vanessa brought the broken phone away from the bird. Her face was cold, “What the hell are you anyways?”

With pure humiliation the bird stepped back before it's own anger boiled forward. It leaped into the air a blazed into a brilliant flame. “My name,” the bird's beak brought a furious squawking sound. That tore through Vanessa's head, “is Flare. Daughter of who was the familiar of the Sentaku, Hono, Queen of Fire. On the notion of what I am, I'm a phoenix, you silly child.” As she noticed how the human girl starred in fear she quieted down and landed back on the ground. She lowered her head and nuzzled it on Vanessa's knee.

Vanessa lowered her head slowly with confusion. She knew she had a fiery temper, but normally kindness in a scold was not what she received in return. The girl felt warmth by her left shoulder, and found Flare rubbing against it kindly. She petted the bird with a small, and confused grin. A bright light extended from across the field. A campfire in the darkness around them. Flare lifted her head sharply and gave a hissing sound of disgust. “Foul creature trying to reel in prey like that. Disgusting.”

“Hey look at that!” A figure was walking on the far side, and Vanessa paid no attention to the bird's harsh words. This figure was barely noticeable through the tall grasses, but yet he could be seen on the east side of the valley. Flare looked in the direction of the figure and gave a growling yelp. “Might be one of my friends. Link! Marcus! Allison! Zavier! Oh, who ever you are, answer damn it!”

Flare began to tug on Vanessa's navy shirt, “We need to go. Now my dear child.” The girl looked over in confusion. “That light your friend is following is going to make him, or her, a hungry creature's lunch.” Vanessa nodded and ran after Flare as she flew in the air towards the light and the walking figure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The grass was overgrown, and the flowers glowed in an unearthly way. Marcus had never seen a place so, odd, or beautiful for that matter. Nothing compared to it; in both ways at that. The brunette rubbed the back of his head and pulled out the headphones to his iPod from his ears. The music was the same but he heard the beats more clearly. Probably the fall had knocked his headphones loose, or something to that matter. Awhile back he found himself in a patch of dead grass that was piled pretty high up. Talk about a lucky landing. Now, he was following the campfire light. Hopefully one of his buds had found a spot to stay for the night there. Would help to have a campfire when... well, it was cold out here. Not normal for summer, let that be known.

With the Avenged Sevenfold's Blinded in Chains blasting in his ears the world went silent around him. Not a sound could be heard outside his headphones. If he had noticed that, everything would have been a whole lot safer. The brunette followed the firelight ahead of him and missed the loud calling of his, and his friends' names.

Finally he got to a large mountainous rock. Attached to it was bright fire light. Picking up his cellphone from his pocket he tried once again to call one of the guys. Once again there was absolutely no luck.

The fire lifted from the ground and almost slammed him to the floor. Marcus rolled to the right, but not without having his shirt sleeve scorched, “Aww shit man!” He looked up and rolled away from the greyish brown scaled tail. It left sparks to fly from the edge of the fiery tail. Large mountainous spikes lifted from the ground along with a boulder with sparkling eyes. Dust poured from sides as four large pillars lifted from the ground lifting the mountainous object to stand.

The creature's dark black eyes gleamed as Marcus saw his reflection in the glass of them. Walking backwards he tripped over the stone-like tail. This left his backside to hit the scorched, muddy ground. I would be his luck to be stupid enough to run right into a dragon. The dragon opened it's wings and gave an echoing roar. Marcus's ears rang and his head spun. His whole body became numb and disoriented. Marcus crab crawled backwards looking up at the bright eyes. “Oh, come on I'm not even that tasty!”

A loud eagle shriek sounded from above his head. The dragon roared and flipped it's head up to be met by four large talons to the nose. Brown scales flashed forward as the creature ducked its head with such speed and nearly stepped on Marcus. Just barely being able to roll sideways his top sleeve was torn in the dragon's claws.

“Don't just lay there, run my child!”

Marcus looked around but was pushed to the ground by a flash of white feathers and fur. Feathery wings covered him as hot steam rushed against the sides in bright orange light. The heat could be felt through the feathers and he could smell a slight smell of soot. Something inside him knew if he been standing there he would not have survived the blast.

“Marcus!” Two cold hands grabbed onto his left arm and pulled him behind a large boulder that was covered by a bush. A burst of orange flashed from somewhere he could not tell, and another fiery shape flew through the fire of the dragon's breath. The dragon roared again in pain and tried to slash it's tail at the fiery creature in its face.

The brunette looked to see Vanessa with bright blue eyes and, “Your hair!” The girl raised an eyebrow and then yelled something at the flying flame. All that he caught in his ears was the letter form of Flare.

“You do have horrible timing,” she rushed her fingers through the bleach blond hair, “To mention my hair.”

“It's blond! Not my fault I had a surprise of it.” The boy looked up and saw a white lion sized eagle attacking the dragon along with a bird that was completely on fire. The eagle had scorched wings but other than that the four-legged eagle was pure white. SLAP

“Damn, just zone out why don't you! My hair... is blond!” Marcus looked up and then down again. Giving her a look of 'why'd you slap me'?. The dragon stormed away, not wanting this much trouble for the small piece of food. It's black eyes vowed vengeance as it soared into the night sky.

The flaming bird came and landed on Vanessa's shoulder. It's feathers burned out and turned to bright red and orange feathers. The bird had a sound of squawks, much like a raven. Yet, also a crocodile growl. He turned around to see a bird... lion.. eagle. Some four legged creature behind him, “You sure are going to bring much trouble aren't you sweetie.” He jumped at the voice that entered his head.

“W-what are you?”

“A Gryphon you idiot,” Vanessa rolled her eyes at him and he rubbed the back of his head in confusion. “Come on video-game nerd. You of all people should know that.”

The brunette turned to the gryphon, who had saved him in the first place. He slowly lifted his hand out and she nuzzled it with... a purr? Marcus looked over to the white feathered creature with amusement. “You're pretty tough for being so cute.” He grinned and petted the creature.

“Please call me Precious sweetie,” Marcus jumped. The voice had entered his head again. The gryphon looked at him with confusion, “What?” The brunette looked over at Vanessa who was laughing. So was the flame bird on her shoulder, though it sounded more of high sounding bells. Least the bird's laugh was pleasant. The outside was much prettier of a creature though either way. The gryphon beside him began to give a chuckle. “I talk to you through your head, you silly goose.”

Well, gee if he had only thought of that earlier. Explained enough now. Then... the voice that had got his attention earlier. That was... “Thank,” he stopped speaking out loud and just thought, “you. I owe you big time.”

Vanessa broke up the gratitude reunion, “What about me, huh? Saved your ass too.” Her phoenix lightly rubbed her head against her cheek. As if to say calm down, he's taking turns, wait yours. The now bleach blonde girl rolled her eyes, but said nothing at the notion.Marcus pulled out his phone and began trying to call the others. “They don't work. My doesn't even turn on.”

“Mine gets signal; I can even call, but every time I just get a busy tone.”

“Are you effing serious!? Stupid iPhone...” She pulled it out and looked at the scratched screen. “Piece of effing shit! I swear-”

With a roll of his eyes at her outrage of curses he turned to the forest. “We need to find somewhere to stay for the night. Be reasonable about that at least.”

Vanessa sighed and looked up at the moon. The phoenix beside her whispered something to her thoughts, “I sure hope that you're kidding about that, Flare.” Yet, whatever the fire bird had said would only be known to the blond's thoughts.
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Message par étoile mélée » 26 Sep 2013 17:55

It's good! Well, actually awesome :D
It's annoying because gothicat doesn't have enought english members to read it :(
souvent absente car c'est la rentrée, et j'ai plus vraiment accès à l'ordi ^^'
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