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Message par Sheryl » 04 Nov 2017 13:28

Hello! This is the day to post the texts!

So this is mine :

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Hello. Welcome to my memories and to my story. Maybe you don't know who I am but don't worry I will explain that to you.

Do you know the horror of the back to school? Personally I have never like the school. The period which disgusts me the must is September. All students are coming back to school, and I love sooo much holidays! It's a pain to see students arriving for a new year. Have you never enjoyed holidays? If you don't it's too bad for you. What was I telling to you? Ah yeah. I hate school. But these are just feelings, my story has not yet began.

It was years ago in September. I was a newcomer at this school and I was very shy. I didn't tried to talk to anyone but I knew even if I weren't shy I couldn't try. The corner was my only friend and during the first day nobody took care about me. I was really frustrated. Imagine! Nobody approach you saying you're welcome, saying you're beautiful. I felt lonely. The second day some student took a look about me and I was so happy! Finally someone looked at myself! I wasn't so useless. It was a boy. Eleven years old. He has just began in this school, like me. We spent very much time together. I loved heard him laugh, talk with his friends and I loved to feel his presence when he was around me. But this was before. Before his friends carried him on the wrong path. The innocent child became a rebel one. I stopped to love him the day he wrote on myself. Have I forgotten to say you?

I am a table and this was the reason why I don’t like school.

Don't hesitate to post today ;)
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