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Message par MeadowLeaf » 16 Déc 2015 04:28

Main Characters:
Rebels Of The Dark

Sliven crouched under an overhang in the rocks, frozen wind tugged at
his fur and icy sleet rained down from the sky, making his paws and nose feel numb. He pressed himself against the rocky wall more and squinted his eyes. He gazed around at a few more in his league. One Lunaris, a Destrino, and another Minousha like himself.
Linse, the Lunaris, was curled with her tail over her nose and back against the freezing wind. Elenri, the Destrino, stood watched the frozen terrain for any of the other leagues. Cygris, the Minousha, stared ahead unsheathed his claws and sheathing them. His fur had some small frozen icicles hanging from the edges of his fur.
“I’m surprised it isn’t snowing.” Linse said quietly. “The Minousha League are nearing, ready yourself.” Elenri said as he nudged Linse up with a hoof. “Why? We’ve been on the move for a week now. Why can’t they leave us alone?” She whined. Sliven stood up and unsheathed his claws. “Get up, Linse, we could exile you from the Rebel League, grow up.” Sliven hissed. A loud yowl peirced the air and Cygris seemed emotionless. “Get up, everyone.” Cygris spoke for the first time, his voice sharp and stern.
“They’re coming.” Elenri neighed.

Chapter One

Sliven looked about the Minousha league nervously. The leader glared about them, muttering something as he passed by. Cygris anxiously sat next to him, shifting his paws. “You three, go hunt, now!” The leader suddenly hissed, motioning to them and a scrawny female. The female jumped up and began to hurry, but tripped in the snow.
Sliven picked her up, but the leader growled in dissaproval. “Bring me something good, runt, or you’ll be assasinated.” The leader said as he unsheathed his claws. Sliven hurried her up and all three began to hurry away. When they where far from the league, the scrawny female sat down, defeated. “He knows I can’t hunt! It’s not fair!” She meowed.
Sliven licked her ear. “He can’t hurt you, we’ll help hunt something.” Sliven offered. She shook her head. “I’m leaving to the Rebel League.” She said quietly. “Say I got killed by a Destrino League Lieutenant.” She said quickly. “How?” Cygris spoke gruffly. “We don’t have a Destrino to make hoof marks on our bodys.” He said.
“Fine, a Lunaris Lieutenant.” She said. She suddenly unsheathed her claws and scratched Sliven’s face and shoulder before he threw her off. She hissed before jumping on Cygris, doing the same, except Cygris was slower to react. He batted her away. “Go.” Sliven hissed, blood staining the snow.

Chapter Two

The female almost seemed ashamed as she looked down. "I said, go!" Sliven growled. She hurried off, tail dragging in the snow. Cygris had a sad look in his eyes. "I'm going with her." He said at last. Sliven looked shocked at his friend. "What? Why?" He hissed. "Go on. It was nice meeting you." He said before starting to follow her. Sliven hissed madly. "Fine! Run away! I don't care!" He yowled to him. "Go after your girlfriend!" He added before beginning to turn back, but found himself staring at the leader's face.
The leader's lip curled back into a smirk. "Try that again. I knew you were going to leave us sooner or later." He said with a sharp snarl. "I just didn't know your friends would to." Sliven back away, his claws unsheathed. "You don't know me, leader, they left, not me!" He said desperately. The leader shrugged. Suddenly, Sliven saw a flash of claws and his cheek was stinging. He dared to look up at the leader.
Sliven felt a rush of anger come through him and he hissed. "It's on." He said before leaping at the leader's neck. He got on top of the bigger male and raked his claws across his face. The leader grunted before getting a hold on Sliven with his back legs and kicked him off. Sliven his the icy ground with a painful impact. The leader heaved himself up before starting to run at him when there was a loud crack, followed by a smaller one and the leader was clinging onto the ice.
"Sliven!" He gasped as he tried to heave himself up, but the ice cracked again. "Help me!" He raised, looking at Sliven angrily. "I think not." Sliven said as he cautiously walked to the edge. He smirked before batting the leader off the ice and a splash of cold water spurt up. Sliven slipped away and carefully found his way off of the snowed over lake. He looked around nervously. "Cygris?" He yowled into the snow covered plain. He felt a nervous feeling trickle into him, wishing he hadn't said those things.

Chapter Three


Sliven trudged through the snow until nightfall, his nerves where rising. He adjusted his eyes to the dark as he walked around blindly in the the view of where he was going. He was fatigued and he after dragging his feet in the ground a bit, he laid down and fell asleep, unaware of where he had lain.

The sun rose up, marking a new day. Sliven sleepily opened his eyes before stretching. He then scanned the horizon and a familiar scent hit his nose. Stoufix. He felt a small weight plunge onto his back, furiously scratching and biting small but painfully marks. He flipped around, trying to rid of the pest, starting to feel like he was being eaten alive. Blood trickled from his shoulders and back. He finally dropped onto the ground and rolled onto his back. The Stoufix leaped off at the right time and Sliven glared at it as he stood up, glancing at the blood staining the snow.
He found himself staring at a defiant face. "What are you doing in the Stoufix League territory?" The small creature asked in a soft voice, surprising Sliven a bit that it belonged to such a rabid beast. "Didn't know when I arrived." Sliven mumbled. "Aren't you supposed to be with your other cat's?" She asked. "I'll give you a secret about why I'm not at my camp, but first you need to lead me to the Rebel League." The Stoufix raised a brow in uncertainty. "I don't need to know why if it's a secret, but we don't need to be pinned at giving a criminal a refuge." She said. "Follow me." She sighed before bounding through the snow at a faster speed Sliven thought possible.
He ran after her a little reluctantly and uncertain. She suddenly was climbing up a tree. She beckoned him up and Sliven looked up reluctant. He was a big Minousha, and he wasn't one to climb trees. He was the one to break the branch and fall from it. "Hurry up." She said impatiently. Sliven jumped up and clung to the tree. He managed to climb up, but after misplacing his paws a lot. "See that forest over there? If you wander around a bit you'll find a cave." She pointed. Sliven squinted before nodding. "How do you know this?" He asked. "Because I, Vislina, know everything." She smiled before climbing down and disappearing in the snow.

Chapter Four


Vislina groaned at the situation in front of her.

A snowy white female Stoufix and a purple female stoufix where circling eatchother, glaring daggers as they crouched down low. Talsa was hiding behind a rock, peaking out to watch. Leena, the purple female, barred her teeth. Vislina took a quick glance at the underground tunnel. There was enough room for both to fight, but she was sure one would get slammed against a wall, or take a bad pounce.
"You've really done it this time, Leena, stealing from my hoard!" Snowla growled.
"Well, Snowla, your careless with all of what you have!"
"Really? Your not even in your den most of the time, I'm surprised Lisla hasn't stolen it all!"
Leena was fuming in rage. Right when Vislina was about to stop the fight, Snowla pounced on Leena, effectively pinning her down. Vislina cringed when Snowla was kicked off, and by some miracle didn't hit a ceiling or a wall.
"Talsa, go get Zefal, I'll control them." She said before going forward.

Insults flew in the air as the two females fought. Blood marked the floor, ceiling, and walls. "Guys, certainly this isn't necessary?" Vislina asked.
They didn't seem to hear her as they both stood up, recovering.
"Look, couldn't you guys explain this?" She said, nerves now edging on.
Leena charged Snowla again.
Vislina snarled and raced after Leena, grabbing her tail in her mouth and she pulled the rabid female away. "Let go! Let me go!" Leena screeched, drawing attention from several other Stoufix.
Crap. Vislina thought as she struggled to pull Leena back. She was now worried she might pull her tail off. Snowla got up and began to race forward. Visalia had enough time to grab Leena's leg and yank her back before Snowla could pounce. By now, Talsa had Zefa in tow. Zefa and Vislina both managed to knock both females unconscious before having them sent to rooms VERY far away. Guards were also stationed in front of the rooms for in case.
Vislina groaned and made her way to her room and fell asleep of her hoard of coins, furs, and anything valuable, almost instantly.

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Message par Malwene » 18 Déc 2015 00:51

I like your story! I'm curious as of why the leagues seem to be fighting.
Will you write more?
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Message par MeadowLeaf » 20 Déc 2015 01:54


Yeah, I'll write more, I'm currently away from a computer so I can't open a Microsoft Word to do drafts, so the next few chapters might a little lacking from autocorrect on my kindle.

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