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Messagepar crzyanimemom » 24 Oct 2019 08:36

Why was this holiday event made so hard? I"m ready to rip out my eye balls. Too much. It was a lot better when each level changed.
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Messagepar Kianyu » 24 Oct 2019 10:48

It is indeed harder this year , I've seen people complain all over the forum about it.
But the admin team (by that I mean Calie) announced that they have removed some of the hardest puzzles.
And that they also recommend us to play a game of Gothi-Memory (which would take around 10 minutes to complete) to get more Floryns to pay the now 1000 Floryns (they lowered it from 2000 to 1000) to change the difficulty of the puzzle

They also claim the event is like this this year due to the lack of time to code something more diverse / "better".
(I am not really ok with that point since you only need to take last years code and add new words and other tiny changes, like source images and more things to "change" the games, but not the whole mechanism, but that is my point of few as programmer)

But they got the message and understand that the players aren't happy about this years Halloween event ^^

EDIT: I just checked and realized there is no Help for you Halloween Puzzle one the english part of the forum!
You can at any time post a screenshot of your puzzle on this topic: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=23567
and other players will help you find the errors in your puzzle ^^

I hope my message helped you !
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