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Messagepar Templado » 05 Sep 2013 02:49

Hello everyone,

Here are some new rules to guide you through the suggestion box:

- Every idea must start with a hello or an hi ! Politeness is a lost habit but here we make it mandatory!

- Choose a descriptive title for your idea. "My idea" doesn't really mean anything, which makes it difficult to find the subject of the topic or the main idea ;)

- Every idea deserves to be listened to and taken into consideration, therefore, we will not tolerate the demeaning and meaningless answers like "no" or " ..." etc ... Make an effort to make a sentence when replying to an idea!

- Check before posting if your idea has already been proposed to avoid duplication.

- Be polite and kind! A hello and thank you is not difficult and it's so much more enjoyable for everyone!

- Do not get excited, stay polite, keep in mind that very young members can propose ideas and sometimes they did not understand or haven't discovered the entire game and may have difficulty expressing their ideas.

- Use punctuation if you want to be understood! Also, do not hesitate to skip lines, it makes topics easier to read!

- Develop your ideas! It's good to come and say "it would be nice if we could have a basket to pick flowers", but in this case try to explain what is the use of the flowers, when and where we could pick them, where do we buy the basket, what creatures could use, from any stage of development ... In short, try to expand your ideas!

To conclude, please listen, respect, make efforts to be understood ... and everything will be better ;)

Have fun on the game, the team.

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Messagepar halloween3110 » 07 Avr 2015 01:13

This is lovely and so nice that we are encouraged to use manners!
Well done :D
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Messagepar Aristrocaffe » 01 Oct 2018 23:07

This is gonna help a lot! Thanks! :D
Hey, Tech Geek Caffe posting here, heheh. Don't be afraid to ask my advice, tech related or not! I plan to become a mod or something on here, but that won't ever happen. :geek:

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