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Messagepar Marcheval » 21 Déc 2013 19:55

ImageBy Lolodel

Welcome to all in the library of... Bookmarks ;D

You can take all the bookmarks being below to use them during your readings! That you are a collector, a reader or a just man because you find one in your taste, print it :D
For more order among shelves, here are the sorted out strips):

Spoiler: show
ImageBy CandyKitty38

Others :
Spoiler: show
ImageBy CandyKitty38
ImageBy Lili200313

Gothicat World :
Spoiler: show
ImageBy Lolodel
ImageBy Licorne2000
ImageBy CandyKitty38
ImageBy Lili200313

Mangas :
Spoiler: show
ImageBye Portgas-D-Sora
ImageBy Rilya
ImageBy Marcheval

Nature :
Spoiler: show
ImageBy CandyKitty38

We thank all the graphic designers who generously shared their creation!
If you want to send your creation, thank you for completing the form below ;)

Spoiler: show
Pen name:

Good day !
~I use my knowledge and a translator, sorry for the faults, I'm french~
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