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Messagepar Saby-chan » 28 Juil 2021 10:54

Excuse me, I'd like to report a bug! I had some problems with my internet connection and instead of resetting the game when I went out of moves, the site refused to do that forcing me to start a new game for another 20% energy, meaning that my previous 20% of energy was wasted for nothing as I couldn't complete my mahjong game! I would like a refund of that 20% energy since it's not my fault that your game is faulty! It shouldn't force you to start a new game and take new energy as long as the previous game in progress wasn't finished!
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Messagepar Ombre » 28 Juil 2021 17:06

I had a similar problem. I was playing mahjong and went out of possibilities so I got the message and clicked on it to start again. The game dismissed and all I could do was start a new one (more or less, but like I had no game currently playing). As I didn't want to use energy to start a game, I reloaded the page and, on the mahjong page, I got my game just before I clicked on the last pair. If I clicked it again, the problem repeats.
I left the page and reopened it and open it again in an other tab and it worked. Really didn't know what was the trouble but if it fixes your problem, it's worth a try :)
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Messagepar Gabou » 28 Juil 2021 18:13


I have indeed see the energy spent after a lost game of mahjong on your account, I don't know yet what caused it as a new game is automatically generated when you lost one (and I have seen that you did not have this issue with previous lost games).

I have given you back the 20% energy you spent :)

Have a nice day!
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