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Messagepar tehuti88 » 15 Mai 2021 08:45

Kind of late to fix this in time for the ball, but it's an issue I've had for a long while. The little buttons that control how you position and resize decorations don't work for me anymore. I can't resize many things (plushies included), can't flip them, can't move them to the front or back, can't even move them around on the page. I'm trying to do this on a creature to enter into the ball and while it let me move one decoration, another one won't move at all. I can resize it but it's stuck where it is. I tried moving it to the front or back layer, no luck. Whether I click the move button with the four arrows, or click and drag, there's no change. I even tried removing the first decoration but it didn't help either.

Above is the situation in my default browser, Brave (based on Chrome). I just tried all this in Opera mobile browser and, oddly, most of the functions work (though moving something to the front or back was still very iffy and hit or miss). BUT...removing a plushie doesn't. Tapping the subtract button over and over does nothing. I had to return to Brave to change plushies. THEN I had to return to Opera to move the new plushie! (This is odd because usually I can move plushies in Brave, I just can't resize them. Maybe the presence of the other decorations made it impossible?)

So whatever these issues are with decorations, they seem unique/different between different browsers/devices. :|
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