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Message par Gabou » 26 Mai 2023 23:18

Greetings everyone!

A new masquerade ball on the theme "Colors of the GothiBirthday " is launched on Gothicat. So a theme based on shades of yellow, light brown and pink!

From May 27 to June 5, 11:59 p.m. (France timezone), come and register the creatures of your choice (monthly, paladins and gothimorphosis, 5 registrations possible)!

To be able to be registered, each creature needs to wear at least one decoration, a background and an accessory!
You can - but do not have to - add even more decorations, plushies or make your creature wear more accessories!

From June 6 to 12 (inclusive), votes will be open to determine the Queens of the Ball creatures!

At the end of the votes, a single classification will be made and will reward the most beautiful creatures!

We remind you that anonymity is required, so please do not disclose your participants in the signature or in the forum topics :)

For players who do not have sceneries (new members for example) or do not have the appropriate sceneries, I invite you to consult this mutual aid topic for the sceneries of the Ball!

Rewards for the participants:
the first 3 win 50 jewels
4th to 10th: 35 Jewels
from 11th to 20th: 20 jewels
from 21st to 30th: 8 jewels

A plushie will be given to players who have reached or exceeded 2.2 average vote score on their participations. :)

We also remind you that each vote is rewarded with 10 Floryns!

Good luck to all for this new edition :D
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Message par Truffula » 30 Mai 2023 18:48


do we need a 2.2 average over all of our creatures, or do we only need at least one entry to have a 2.2 rating or higher?
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Message par Gothikadoll » 30 Mai 2023 19:36

Hi, the mean of all your contestants need to be 2.2 or higher to get the plushie
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