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Messagepar Gabou » 08 Août 2022 16:36

Greetings everyone,

I am posting this message to inform you that we will be offering new unique auctions over the next few months.

Indeed, many of you have tried to have the two auctions proposed so far and we are infinitely grateful to you.

Because of this, we'd like to provide more unique opportunities so that those who have contributed so much to supporting the game over the past few weeks don't find themselves "out of the woods". :)

However we cannot know in advance the dates when the auctions will be proposed (as explained before, we would prefer to take a new unique order only when the one being created is finished, so as not to see the orders/ delays accumulate. The creation times being very variable from one unique to another, Calie cannot commit herself on the deadlines, nor on the number that she will be able to achieve in the coming months).

We will proceed as for the first unique: the bid for the next unique will be added when the new unique has joined its new owner.

New unique auctions will therefore be added regularly, stay tuned :D ... and thank you again for your support ♥♥♥
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Messagepar Caniskoppie » 08 Août 2022 16:45

I think it's a fun idea, and I had an idea for the creature I'd very much like to have.
And then I saw how high the bidding is going.
The bidding for the new creature is now at 9002 Jewels, that is 375 Euro. That's insane in my book.
So, no unique creature for me.
I'm NOT going to give that much money for a pretty picture.

I wish the winner a lot of joy with his/her new virtual pet.
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Messagepar Shalott » 10 Août 2022 02:05

This is great! Thanks for letting us know and for extending this opportunity, so more people have the chance to obtain a unique creature. ^-^

I'm afraid I can only watch from the sides, but I'm happy this is happening and I love seeing the excitement and the new creations!
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