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Messagepar Gabou » 26 Mai 2022 16:33

Greetings everyone!

A new masquerade ball has started on Gothicat : from May 26 to June 2 23h59 (France Timezone), come register your creatures (included the morphosis, 5 registrations allowed)!

The ball as a "Party" theme! Please participate and vote according to it :)

To be able to register a creature, it needs to have at least a scenery, 1 accessory and one decoration with the Candle tag!
You can - if you want - add more decorations, plushies or accessories to your creature!

From June 3 to 10 (inclusive), votes will be open to determine the Queens of the Ball creatures!

A single ranking will be made and will reward the most beautiful creatures!

We remind you that anonymity is required, so please do not disclose your participants in the signature or in the forum topics :)

For players that don't have any sceneries (new players for example), or who don't have a scenery that would fit, I invite you to consult this
help topic for ball sceneries!

Here are the rewards:
Top 3 will earn 50 Jewels
4th to 10th: 35 Jewels
11th to 20th: 20 Jewels
21st to 30th: 8 Jewels

And as it is a tradition on Gothicat that no one ever loses, all participants win a Plushie :D

Good luck to all for the preparation of the festivities :D
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Messagepar lutienlovemagic » 26 Mai 2022 20:45

Hi Gabou!

The registration page is empty. Is this a bug? I registered one creature only. :|

Edit: In the meantime, I saw that it was fixed. Thank you Gabou! :)
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Messagepar Gothikadoll » 02 Juin 2022 18:40

Hi here, I don't know if you're strict on spoilers for GB creatures, but I come here to announce you that they will be visible starting this evening, so that those registered for the masquerade can be seen and evaluated like every other participant
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